Local Taxi

Local Taxi

McNamara Cab is the South and Southwest Suburbs premier taxi cab service. 

You can’t always use your car to get from one place to another. Whether you need to head to O’Hare to catch a flight or need to reach a hotel somewhere in Chicago, you might need a cab to take you there. However, hailing a cab can be difficult, especially during rush-hours when most of the cabs are engaged. In such situations, you need a reliable local taxi to transport you to your destination. At McNamara Cab. Co, we offer just that.


No matter what your pick-up point or destination in the city is, we’ll help you get there on time and without problems. We conduct pick-up and drop-off services in several areas of Chicago, especially in the South and Southwestern suburbs. You can give us a call at any time and we’ll be happy to send a cab your way. 

We have several years of experience and know this city well. Our chauffeurs are professional and very skilled at what they do. Because of this, we have become a trusted brand for everyone that wants a local taxi. We have served both residential and corporate clients. You can trust us to pick up an important business associate from the airport or provide prompt transport to you in an urgent situation. Our company fleet consists of both cars and mini vans so you won’t have to worry about transporting a large number of people. 


Our goal is to reach our clients on time and whenever they need us. We provide several ways for you to book a cab with us. You can call us on our dispatch hotline, request a cab by email at our website, or request a cab by text. As you can see, you can easily contact us whenever you need a cab. We also have a 24/7 dispatch line so you can call us at odd times of the day or during the weekends as well. We will help you if you’re stranded. We specialize in:
  • House pick-ups
  • Hotel pick-ups
  • Airport drop-off and pick-up
  • Small package delivery 
  • Local Taxi
So, don’t hesitate to give us at McNamara Cab. Co. a call if you have any questions about us and our services! You can also request a cab by text and we’ll come pick you up when you need us. Just send the text to 1 708 420 4704.
You can also request a cab by text and we’ll come pick you up when you need us.

Just send the text to
1 708 420 4704.
Request a Cab by Email!

Call today for more details!

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