Small Package Delivery

Small Package Delivery

Sometimes, using a courier to transport small packages from one place to another within the city can be a hassle. It can also take considerable amount of time. After all, most courier companies would take at least a day to transport your package. If you need to ship something urgently, what options do you have? 

If the package is small enough to be comfortably handled by a single person, perhaps you might consider hiring a cab to deliver it. At McNamara Cab. Co, we offer small package delivery services to our clients. We will transport your package to its destination in no time at all. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll arrange everything else. 


When you use a local taxi to deliver small packages, you need someone you can trust. After all, they need to ensure that the package arrives at its destination on time and without any damage. While professionals at a courier company are trained and equipped to handle such tasks, cab drivers usually ferry people, not packages. So, how can you trust them with your parcel? 

Our chauffeurs are licensed and insured. They are also professional and very dedicated to their job. They will take every precaution possible to ensure that your package is safe and undamaged. They have been transporting such packages for several years now and know what’s involved in the process.


If it’s an accompanied parcel and small enough for you to carry easily, there’s no extra charge for it. We will only charge the normal cab fare for the journey. However, if it’s an unaccompanied package, our services are very affordable. After all, we can easily pick up another fare that’s heading in the same direction. 

You won’t have to shell out a big amount just to transport a small package within the city. A local taxi can take your package to any destination in the city. We will pick up the package from your doorstep as soon as we can. You can call our 24/7 dispatch hotline for small package delivery. You can also request our services online or through a text message. 

So, don’t hesitate to give us at McNamara Cab. Co. a call if you have any questions about us and our services! You can also request a cab by text and we’ll come pick you up when you need us. Just send the text to 1 708 420 4704.
You can also request a cab by text and we’ll come pick you up when you need us.

Just send the text to
1 708 420 4704.
Request a Cab by Email!

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